General Terms and Conditions

I. General provisions

Hotel Villa Valdibora hereinafter referred to as the Hotel, places and sells accommodation and catering services according to the published information, description, date, and valid price list, and in the accordance with the confirmed reservation, in its name and for its account. All items listed here are an integral part of the rental, and by sending the reservation request you confirm that you agree with these Terms and use of the accommodation service.

The guest has the right to use the hotel services only after he accepted these General terms and conditions. The Hotel reserves the right to unilaterally change these Terms; the amended Terms and conditions become valid at the moment of their publication on the Hotel’s website. By confirming the reservation, the guest expresses his unconditional consent to these Terms and their supplements. The guest declares that he is at least 18 years old and has the full legal capacity to assume rights and obligations.

II. Categorization and description of services

The facility and accommodation units within the hotel Villa Valdibora are categorized by the responsible authority of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia by the applicable legal regulations.

III. Prices

The price of the service represents the amount per person/night or room/night as stated in the price list of the services. The valid price of the service is stated in the offer received through correspondence from the Hotel. Contracted services may not be combined with other promotional offers or packages unless otherwise agreed. In case of any changes or deviations from the reserved services, regular prices will be charged. For services that have not been used, a refund is not possible.

All types of special services that are not included in the price are paid by the guest and he is obliged to order them when making a reservation or request them when in Hotel. Prices in euros are informative, and the final payment is made according to the valid price list in kunas at the reception of the Hotel.

For guests who have paid a deposit or provided an acceptable reservation guarantee, Hotel Villa Valdibora guarantees the prices that were in force when the reservation was made. When booking more than 5 rooms, different policies and additional costs may apply. The prices include breakfast and VAT. Extra bed is charged per night per person.

Price change

The Hotel reserves the right to change prices if there is a change in exchange rates concerning the date of publication of prices (0,5%) and changes in tariffs of business partners. The hotel may inform the guests of the price change in writing or verbally. The guest can cancel the reservation without the cost of the cancellation if there is a price increase of more than 10% compared to the agreed and no later than 48 hours from receipt of written notice. If the guest does not cancel in person or in writing within the specified period, it is considered that he agrees to the price change. The published prices are the result of the Hotel’s contract with partners and do not have to correspond to the prices displayed at the reception of the Hotel.

IV. Accommodation reservation

After the initial request for accommodation, the guest becomes a promising guest. All records are kept under the name of the first appointed person (if it is a natural person then the name and surname, and as legal then the name of the company). The name on the booking request is the name of the ”reservation holder”. The reservation holder (if a natural person) must be over 18 years of age and authorized by others to make the reservation on behalf of all persons included in the reservation. The reservation holder is responsible for all payments (deposit and the rest of the payment).

The reservation request is considered an open inquiry forwarded to the Hotel by any means of communication in writing (letter, e-mail). The reservation of accommodation for the appropriate period is valid only after written confirmation by the Hotel and receipt of the deposit specified in the specific offer and with the sent confirmation of the reservation by the Hotel. When the reservation is made electronically, it is valid with a credit card authorization. The holder is obliged to settle the rest of the payment no later than the last day of the stay with the obligatory credit card authorization or payment of the deposit. Confirmations can be sent by e-mail to Reservation confirmations received in this way are considered temporary until the maturity of the deposit unless otherwise stated in the offer, and if a copy of the deposit is not sent within the specified time, or a credit card number is not submitted for authorization, it is automatically considered expired. 

The exception is a telephone reservation without a written confirmation which can be accepted as a late reservation made by telephone up to 24 hours before the date of arrival. For late bookings, the Hotel reserves the right to request a credit card guarantee as well as its authorization and is valid without written confirmation of the reservation.

Reservations are not accepted from persons under 18 years of age. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to process a booking request without giving any reason.

The Hotel reserves the right to refuse, cancel or change the reservation if the reservation system has been misused or a reservation made by mistake of the guest.

Notes related to the reservation process

– Please note that people aged 3 and over are considered adults and are charged the full price. When booking accommodation you are obliged to add children older than the above to adults.

– The Hotel will only prepare an extra bed if a minimum of 3 paying persons is listed in full during the booking process and if these persons are listed during the price calculation.

V. Accommodation in the Hotel

The layout of the rooms is determined by the reception of the Hotel. If the guest has not explicitly contracted a room with special features, the guest will accept any officially registered accommodation unit of the same type described in the catalog and price list.

Due to the size of the Hotel and the small number of accommodation units, all special wishes of the guests, such as room number, room position, or floor, depend on current availability and are not binding on the Hotel. The Hotel will certainly make every effort to fulfill every wish of every guest and in case of impossibility to fulfill the wishes, the Hotel is grateful for the understanding.

Check-in is not possible before 15:00 on the day of the arrival and the room must be vacated by 11:00 on the day of departure. The reserved room is kept available until 20:00. Arrivals after 20:00 must be announced in advance, otherwise, the Hotel does not guarantee the possibility of performing the service, unless otherwise stated.

Other accommodation conditions

Late check-out is only possible with prior confirmation of the reception and extra charge:

– Additional charge for late departure

  (12:00 – 18:00 h): 50% of the price of one night and breakfast per room

  (from 18:00h onwards): 100% of the price of one night and breakfast per room

– Smoking is not allowed in the accommodation units and in common areas.

– The hotel does not accommodate a person under the age of 18 unaccompanied by an adult.

– The management reserves the right to close the wellness or its parts (pool, fitness, saunas, etc.) in case of necessary repairs and necessary maintenance or seasonal closure during the winter.

– Given the existing differences within the same types of rooms, these photos are only illustrative and informative in nature and do not have to correspond to the room actually booked.

– For all additional information, please contact our reservation service at the following e-mail:

VI. Billing for services and payment

The guest pays the remaining amount of booked services at the reception of the Hotel on the day of arrival or upon return of personal documents. Billing for services is only possible in HRK. Payment is possible once – by credit cards (Amex, Diners, Visa, Master), debit cards, and cash (HRK). In case the card is invalid the Hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

Due to exchange rate differences and the calculation of the exchange office commission, it should be taken into account that the amount required in EUR for the payment of the invoice will be slightly different from the amount indicated on the reservation invoice.

VII. Tourist tax

Under the regulations governing the payment of the tourist tax, the guest is obliged to pay the tourist tax when paying for accommodation in the Hotel. The amount of tourist tax in the Republic of Croatia varies according to the season and destination you are traveling to. Children up to 12 years do not pay the residence tax while children from 12 to 18 years have a 50% discount. The tourist tax is paid when paying the rest of the booking fee. The amount of paid tourist tax is indicated on the invoice issued for the guest when calculating and paying for the service. The tourist tax is determined by the Government of the Republic of Croatia at the proposal of the Minister.

VIII. Travel documents

Guests are required to have valid personal travel documents. If the travel documents are lost or stolen during the trip, the costs of issuing new documents are borne by the guest. The Hotel is not responsible for the decisions of customs and police and other state bodies that do not allow the guest to enter a particular country. Guests are also required to comply with foreign exchange and customs regulations, as well as laws and other sub-legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

IX. Cancellation policy

Accommodation prices in the same periods may be different depending on the conditions applicable to different price lists therefore each booking confirmation must contain the stated cancellation conditions applicable to each booking.

The standard price lists on offer are as follows, although different price lists with different conditions can be found in each offer:


Reservation can be canceled free of charge up to 5 days before arrival.

In case of cancellation within 5 days, 100% of the total amount will be charged.

In case of a no-show, the total amount of the reservation will be charged.

In case of an early departure, the total amount of the reservation will be charged.

Early booking offers

The reservation must be guaranteed by credit card or advance payment of 1 night for stays of up to 5 nights, and 30% of the value of the reservation for stays of 5 nights or more.

Possibility to cancel the reservation free of charge up to 5 days before arrival.

In this case, the Hotel refunds the advance payment minus the amount of the refund costs.

For later cancellations, the advance payment is non-refundable.

Prepaid Non-Refundable

Non-refundable reservations cannot be modified or canceled. The Hotel will charge the full amount of the reservation immediately upon booking. In case of cancellation or no-show, the Hotel will keep the amount paid in full.

If the actual cancellation costs exceed the above costs, the Hotel reserves the right to charge the actual costs incurred.

The right of Hotel Villa Valdibora to change and cancel the reservation

Hotel Villa Valdibora reserves the right to change the reservation or the way of providing services at any time if circumstances arise that are beyond the control of the Hotel, which cannot be foreseen, avoided, or postponed. The confirmed accommodation unit can be replaced by an accommodation unit of the same or higher category while retaining the same price that was valid at the time of booking confirmation and timely informing the guest about the change. In cases where alternative accommodation cannot be found and the reservation is paid in advance, the Hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation and refund the full amount paid.

The guest’s right to change and cancel the reservation

In case the guest wants to change or cancel the reservation made at his request, he must do so in writing (by e-mail, letter). If a change of the reservation is not possible, and if the guest, therefore, cancels the confirmed reservation, the above cancelation policy will apply.

If the guest is prevented from traveling, he has the right to transfer the reservation to a third party or another appointment. However, the guest must inform the Hotel in writing. Until the Hotel receives written consent from another person to pick up the reservation, the guest who first made the reservation is responsible for the total bill for the services ordered.

X. Obligations and responsibilities of the Hotel

The Hotel operates by the laws of the Republic of Croatia, at the level of the catering facility ”hotel” and categorized as a 4-star and belongs to the category of heritage hotels.

The Hotel Villa Valdibora must constantly take care of the quality of the service provided, by legal regulations, rules of the profession, and generally accepted customs and traditions in the tourism and hospitality industry. The Hotel will endeavor to fulfill its obligations in full unless circumstances arise that are beyond its control.

The Hotel does not bear any responsibility in case of death, illness, or injury of anyone in the Hotel, outside the coverage of the insurance company’s policy, if the harmful event was not caused by the Hotel or its staff through gross negligence. In cases of the exemption from the obligation to perform, the refund of the amount paid in connection with the reservation.

The Hotel is not responsible for any complaints that may arise due to the failure of mechanical and other equipment in the accommodation; eg heat pumps, boilers, etc. threads to interrupt utilities (electricity, water, gas, etc.).

The Hotel is not responsible for noise or interference coming from outside the property or the control of the hotel staff.

The Hotel is not responsible for property brought into the room by the guest. Money, securities, and valuables are kept in the Hotel and room safe if the accommodation unit has them. If there is no safe in the room, money and other valuables can be deposited at the reception. The hotel recommends guests use this opportunity.

The Hotel is not responsible for the guest’s car which is in the public car park.

XI. Guest obligations

The guest is obliged to personally fulfill the conditions provided by the regulations of the Republic of Croatia, and adhere to the house rules in the rooms and common areas of the Hotel, and cooperate with the Hotel representative or the service provider. The guest is responsible for the damage caused, and especially for the damage caused by non-compliance with the contract and these general conditions. The damage caused by the guest will be borne immediately by the hotel reception and in another place determined by the natural or legal person to whom he caused the damage.

The guest is obliged to keep the property, as well as all furniture, decoration, equipment, and environment in the same condition and conditions as they were at the beginning of using the service. He is responsible for any type of damage and is obliged to compensate for it.

XII. Complaints

It is in the guest’s interest to try to resolve their complaint immediately at the destination. If there is no improvement even after the complaint, the guest must ask for confirmation which shows that the service was not provided, or that it was not provided in the manner agreed. The guest must enclose the confirmation with a written complaint. The guest is obliged to file a written complaint within 8 days after the end of the stay at the Hotel. If the guest files a written complaint after this deadline, the Hotel is not obliged to consider such complaint. The Hotel is obliged to make a written decision on a valid complaint. The Hotel will only deal with those complaints that could not be resolved on the spot. While the settlement procedure is in progress, the guest irrevocably waives the mediation of any other person, the arbitration of any other institution, as well as the provision of the information to the media. Also at this time, the guest waives the right to sue.

The maximum amount of the compensation per complaint may reach the amount of the advertised part of the services, and may not include already used services or the entire amount of the arrangement. The guest and the Hotel will try to resolve disputes amicably, otherwise, they agree on the jurisdiction of the County Court. The applicable law will be Croatian law.

The guest can send a written complaint via e-mail address or by mail: Chiurca Silvana 8, 52210 Rovinj.

The Hotel will confirm its receipt in writing and respond to the complaint within 15 days from the date of the complaint.

XIII. Additional services and events

Payment for such services is by arrangement. The Hotel does not take responsibility for the additional services of other providers. All additional services (which guest wants to use) must be announced in time at the reception.

If the guest intends to organize an event (birthday party, wedding, cocktail party, dinner, etc.) in the Hotel, he must first seek permission from the Hotel management. Larger events need to be announced before arrival, in connection with which an additional cost may be determined by the Hotel.

XIV. Final provisions

These general terms and conditions of booking accommodation are an integral part of the contract that the guest concludes with the Hotel Villa Valdibora. Possible/foreseen deviations from these Terms and Conditions must be stated next to the text of the offer. By confirming the reservation, the guest undertakes in writing or verbally to fully accept these Terms and Conditions, which have previously been carefully studied.